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Balance and Inclusivity


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Priming for the Future

Denise Reed Lamoreaux

Global Chief Diversity Officer


“During our 12-month Women’s Leadership Development pilot, nine women went on maternity leave during the program, and all nine of them finished.”

Even in our more progressive times, gender inequality still runs rampant as it pertains to senior leadership. This is particularly true of the tech space, as women hold only 5% of leadership positions  

When Denise Reed Lamoreaux started her journey at Atosa global information technology service and consulting companyother than a few diversity and inclusion policies, there weren’t any robust initiatives that placed emphasis on narrowing the gender leadership gap. Like many organizations, Atos’ most senior leadership positions were predominately held by men.  

There needed to be a better balance of male and female leaders, and Denise set out to establish a culture of inclusivity.  

Women Who Succeed 

Denise started the program “Women Who Succeed” at Atos as a means to identify women across their global workforce who are primed for future, key leadership positions within the organization. Once these women are identified, Denise and the program assist in assessing their skillsets and any skill and learning gaps they may have. From there, they provide a developmental plan which includes relevant coursescovering topics like leadership, negotiation and risktaking—as well as mentoring and shadowing.  

The Necessity of Support from Leadership 

As the program has developed over the past years, Denise recognizes the necessity of leadership buy-in. For the program to be successful, participants must be engaged, and engagement is near impossible if they are not allowed to allot time to commit to the program. According to Denise, “It is critical for the participants’ managers to see the value of Women Who Succeed. The program not only empowers women to build networks and collaborate, but also develop themselves to be the next wave of leaders primed to propel the organization forward.”  

The Continual Elevation of Women Who Succeed 

As the program has grown, Women Who Succeed now has representation in every country Atos operates. The program has fostered a culture where individuals are taking ownership and starting their own coalitions to continually support and bolster the women of Atos and the mission of the program.