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Applied Predictive Modeling

Applied Predictive Modeling

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Explore predictive modeling and commonly used models like regressions, clustering, and decision trees that are applied in Python with the scikit-learn package.

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Lesson Objectives

Applied Predictive Modeling

  • Course Overview
  • recognize characteristics of predictive modeling
  • use Python and related data analysis libraries to perform exploratory data analysis
  • recognize key features of Linear and Logistic regressions
  • apply a linear regression with Python
  • apply a logistic regression with Python
  • recognize key features of hierarchical clustering and K-Means clustering
  • apply hierarchical clustering with Python
  • apply K-Means clustering with Python
  • recognize key features of Decision Trees and Random Forests
  • apply a Decision Tree with Python
  • apply a Random Forest with Python
  • apply linear regression, logistic regression, hierarchical clustering, Decision Trees, and Random Forests with Python
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