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AWS Professional Solution Architect: Security Controls

AWS Professional Solution Architect: Security Controls

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AWS offers various features to help protect confidentiality, integrity, and the availability of data. Explore the AWS security processes.

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AWS Professional Solution Architect: Security Controls

  • compare AWS security responsibilities with customer security responsibilities
  • list the benefits of an AWS global security infrastructure
  • list the various AWS compliance programs
  • list the various AWS physical and environmental security options, such as fire detection equipment and climate control
  • describe AWS business continuity management features, such as availability and incident response
  • list AWS network security features, such as secure access points and transmission protection
  • describe AWS access features for review and audit, background checks, and credential policy
  • list AWS software and infrastructure change management features
  • list AWS account security features
  • describe compute services in AWS
  • describe storage services in AWS
  • compare different storage options and database services in AWS
  • list the different analytical and mobile services in AWS
  • implement security processes in AWS
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