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CompTIA A+ 220-1001: TCP and UDP ports

CompTIA A+ 220-1001: TCP and UDP ports

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Explore common TCP and UDP ports, protocols, and their purpose. In this course, learn to tell the difference between TCP and UDP. Learn usage of well-known communication ports for FTP, SSH, Telnet, e-mail, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, DHCP, RDP, NetBIOS/NetBT, SMB, CIFS, SLP, AFP, LDAP, and SNDP. As an exercise, you will learn how to describe features of FTP, list the ports used for both sending and receiving an e-mail transmission, and describe the benefits of DHCP.

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CompTIA A+ 220-1001: TCP and UDP ports

  • differentiate between TCP and UDP
  • describe ports 21, 22, and 23
  • describe ports 25, 110, and 143
  • describe ports 80 and 443
  • describe ports 53 and 67/68
  • describe port 3389
  • describe ports 137 and 139
  • describe port 445
  • describe port 427
  • describe port 548
  • describe port 389
  • describe port 161/162
  • work with well-known ports
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