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Server 2016 - Identity: Active Directroy Maintenance & Recovery

Server 2016 - Identity: Active Directroy Maintenance & Recovery

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Active Directory (AD) is typically one of the key network services in an organization. Being ready for and AD disaster is very important. Explore Active Directory maintenance, recovery, and replication options.

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Server 2016 - Identity: Active Directroy Maintenance & Recovery

  • back up Active Directory and SYSVOL
  • perform offline management of Active Directory, including defragmentation of the Active Directory database and clean up of metadata
  • configure Active Directory snapshots
  • perform object- and container-level recovery
  • perform Active Directory restore
  • configure and restore objects by using the Active Directory Recycle Bin
  • monitor and manage Active Directory replication
  • upgrade SYSVOL replication to Distributed File System Replication (DFSR)
  • configure a multi-domain and multi-forest Active Directory infrastructure
  • deploy Windows Server 2016 domain controllers within a pre-existing Active Directory environment
  • upgrade existing domains and forests
  • configure domain and forest functional levels
  • configure multiple user principal name (UPN) suffixes
  • demonstrate how to recover Active Directory in Windows Server 2016
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