Customer Success Story

CGI’s Search for a Modern Learning Experience



of Percipio trial users at CGI approve of the solution

Helen Sussex

Global Learning Design and Creation


“We need our members—employees—to continually develop their skillsets in modern, cutting-edge technology to not only grow themselves professionally but to grow and propel the business as well.”

CGI does things their way. As one of the largest IT and business consulting services firms on the globe with a strong culture built on their shared dream to create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of. The ultra-flat IT company has always approached learning differently than most organizations—they create a lot of their learning content themselves.  

When it comes to learning, CGI believes in two things:  

  1. Each member is responsible for their own career development. 
  2. The organization is responsible for supportingitsmember’s career development.  

CGI needed a user-friendly experiencesomething that a traditional Learning Management System (LMS) couldn’t providethat could be leveraged to launch their custom learning content. The challenge with this direction was finding a vehicle to launch CGI’s custom content while providing a modern and intuitive user interface where custom content can be continuously updated to meet the demands of the everchanging tech space.  

Helen Sussex, Director of the Global Learning Design and Creation at CGI, set out to find a solution that accommodated those needs. The learning experience CGI had at the time worked and enabled them to deliver their custom content, but the interface was not as appealing to their younger, more tech-savvy workforce.  

Getting members to engage in continuous development is difficult, so CGI needed a consumer-grade experience that encouraged adoption 

Helen leaned into relationship she had built with Skillsoft and voiced the need for an experience that was user-friendly, modern and could support custom content. With her extensive background in IT, Helen knew that to drive change and adoptionshe needed to have the right toolsAnd, as it turns out, Percipio, Skillsoft’s learning experience platform was able to meet CGI’s needs.  

After a trial of 300 users, the new learning experience received a 97% approval ratingAdditionally, twelve members conducted a trial of the Aspire learning journeys—the solution was so well received that three of the members who engaged in the trial begged to extend it so they could finish their journeys. CGI proved that aligning the right capabilities to their learning goals was a formula for successful development.