Compliance Training

Encourage ethical and safe workplace practices, while fostering a culture of compliance

Empower employees to do the right thing

Skillsoft Compliance Solutions provides a full suite of customizable compliance training solutions that help organizations mitigate risk and enable employees to
make the right decisions.

Covering more than 500 risk topics across 32 languages, our content catalog provides one of the largest global libraries of legal compliance and workplace safety compliance training available.

Our compliance courseware is developed in partnership with experienced industry experts. We believe this is the most effective way to keep current with changes in the law and developments in compliance strategies, all while bringing a real-world, practical approach to promoting a lawful and ethical culture.

Compliance and health & safety professionals need training solutions that do more than simply satisfy a legal requirement. With Skillsoft Compliance Solutions, we help each organization move past “check the box” training and integrate compliance into its very framework. By leveraging the latest learning innovations, we support and enhance learning for lasting impact.

As organizations expand into new markets, they require dynamic compliance training solutions that can help meet the needs of their growing workforce.

Our comprehensive library of translated, localized, and culturally adapted compliance content provides the necessary coverage to meet local and regional laws and regulations. Offering more than a mere language conversion, our courses are adapted to local cultural settings to provide learners with an accurate, relevant, and relatable experience.

Drive Cultural and Behavioral Change

Misconduct is four times more likely to be observed in organizations with weak ethical cultures as compared to organizations with strong ethical cultures. Cultivating the right mindset is necessary not only to decrease the costly consequences of violations, but to support a high-performing environment where individuals and businesses can thrive.

Skillsoft’s learner-centric instructional design approach incorporates the latest brain science research to develop instructional content that brings about real behavioral change.

Through compelling drama and narrative story-telling techniques, our courses utilize real-world scenarios to help generate emotional engagement, which fosters cognition. This strengthens learning by maximizing retention and encouraging the behavioral changes needed to support a lawful and ethical environment.

Adopting a Compliance Journey

This white paper highlights the mindset and steps necessary to begin a compliance journey, maintain momentum, and achieve business objectives with the right compliance programs.

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Training is at the heart of changing behaviors and creating safe and ethical workplaces. Request a demo to learn more about how Skillsoft Compliance Solutions can help your organization.

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