Skillsoft CertitudeTM

Simplify complex workflows with an enhanced policy, attestation and assessment tool aimed at improving business processes and reducing risk.

Certify communications, assess knowledge and streamline policy and procedural workflows

Certitude enables organizations to seamlessly manage, track and distribute policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), employee attestations (with electronic signatures) and disclosures.

It also allows organizations to evaluate employee comprehension and understanding of critical risk issues. Through the creation of customized multi-choice question and answer documents such as surveys, checklists, questionnaires, assessments and exams, organizations can easily deploy materials aligned to risk mitigation efforts as well as leverage the tool in a multitude of ways throughout the enterprise.

Benefits of Certitude

Certitude is more than a traditional policy management software tool. It offers organizations with the flexibility to support global organizational initiatives.


Certitude provides organization with the tools necessary to support compliance and safety programs as well as other organizational needs.

Policy Documentation Management

Create, distribute and manage corporate documents including policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other communications globally across the enterprise

Employee Attestation

Capture electronic signatures and track the collection of responses, employee attestation and any additional employee feedback

Custom Content Creation Tool

Upload or link to documents, policies or procedures and create custom assessments and exams to evaluation learners’ understanding of the information contained in the document. Create custom surveys, questionnaires and checklists too.

Evaluation Tool

Evaluate employee sentiment, knowledge and understanding on a given topic for immediate visibility into sensitive areas and respond quickly to emerging risks. For example:

  • Designate reviewers (i.e. supervisors) with commenting ability to optimize workplace safety checks and other regulatory requirements
  • Create transparency around employee activities and information disclosures that can put an organization at risk
Reporting Capabilities

Auditable tracking and reporting, including response-level reporting, is available through Percipio Compliance or third-party learning management system

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