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Getting Started with Windows 7

Getting Started with Windows 7

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The latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 7, is efficient, fast, and available in a variety of editions to suit different business and personal computer needs. This course introduces the main features of Windows 7 and provides an overview of the desktop, including the taskbar and the Start menu. It also demonstrates how to manage files and folders using Windows Explorer and how to use Windows Search to locate files and folders on your computer.

Target Audience
End users either new to Windows, new to Windows 7, or who need to brush up on their basic Windows 7 skills

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Lesson Objectives

Getting Started with Windows 7

  • recognize how to log on to Windows 7
  • identify the benefits of Windows 7
  • recognize the main features of the Windows 7 desktop
  • recognize how you can use desktop features to manage open windows
  • access programs and files via the Start menu and the taskbar
  • identify the features of the Windows 7 Start menu and taskbar
  • identify features of jump lists
  • compare two files side by side
  • access a program
  • use a jump list to open a file
  • preview and activate an open window using Aero Peek
  • navigate to files and folders using Windows Explorer
  • identify the different parts of the Windows Explorer window
  • work with folders and files in Windows Explorer
  • search for files or folders using the Windows Explorer search box
  • create a new folder with a specified name in a given location
  • move a file to a new location
  • delete and restore a file
  • find a document using the search box in Windows Explorer
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