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Software Testing with Visual Studio: Create and Configure Test Plans

Software Testing with Visual Studio: Create and Configure Test Plans

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Software testing with Visual Studio streamlines the development and testing process and supports the needs of software developers and testers. In this course, you'll explore how to create a new test plan including how to manage, configure, and define the configurations of your test plan and settings. You'll also learn how to create, clone, manage, and configure test suites. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the 70-497: Software Testing with Visual Studio certification exam.

Target Audience
Software testers, software developers, and IT professionals studying to take the 70-497 exam


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Lesson Objectives

Software Testing with Visual Studio: Create and Configure Test Plans

  • start the course
  • define general concepts of software testing with Visual Studio 2012
  • create a new test plan in the Testing Center
  • select test settings and configurations
  • create a new standard environment using the Test Controller Configuration Tool and verify it
  • select and compare an available build and assign it to the plan
  • create a clone of your test plan
  • create a new test setting and select the set of roles that you want to use
  • configure and define data and diagnostics options of each role
  • recognize how to select different test settings based on your run
  • specify why you need different configurations
  • manage your configurations in the Test Configuration Manager
  • create a new configuration variable and assign allowed values to that variable
  • recognize how and when to set the configuration state as active or inactive
  • recognize how to add default configurations for new test cases
  • recognize how to delete test configurations and change the state of a test configuration to inactive
  • describe the different types of test suites and test suite operations
  • create a query-based test suite
  • create a requirement-based test suite
  • create a static test suite
  • perform a copy of a test suite
  • create a query-based test suite using hierarchical queries
  • configure a clone of a test suite from the command line
  • manage your test suites through a web browser
  • recognize the assigned to field for test cases
  • select multiple test configurations for a particular test case
  • apply a specific order to list and run your test cases
  • understand the basic concepts of creating, configuring, and managing test plans and suites
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