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Microsoft PowerShell and SQL Server: Database Management

Microsoft PowerShell and SQL Server: Database Management

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PowerShell can be used to manage the full range of SQL Server management tasks, and through scripting can assist with automation of frequent tasks. This course covers policies and jobs, working with PowerShell’s powerful scripting features, and working with individual databases.

Target Audience
SQL Server administrators and developers looking to understand the command line interface to Microsoft SQL Server


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Microsoft PowerShell and SQL Server: Database Management

  • start the course
  • use cmdlets to create and configure user defined policies in PowerShell
  • evaluate policies and output the result in PowerShell
  • create a PowerShell Job Step inside a SQL Server Agent Job
  • use Microsoft PowerShell to populate a table created in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio using SQLCMD mode
  • execute SQL scripts from file locations in PowerShell
  • create SQL Server Agent Jobs in PowerShell
  • execute existing SQL Server Jobs in PowerShell
  • retrieve SQL Server Agent Job histories in PowerShell
  • use PowerShell variables
  • use piping in PowerShell
  • use the PowerShell Utility to create a Stored Procedure
  • create databases in PowerShell
  • use Microsoft PowerShell to create a Microsoft SQL Server login
  • use Microsoft PowerShell to change a SQL database's ownership
  • create a schema within a database using the PowerShell utility
  • create, alter, and drop a stored procedure using the PowerShell utility
  • pass your DBCC to each database using PowerShell
  • create a schema collection using PowerShell
  • configure and enable database mail using PowerShell
  • connect to an instance of SQL server using authentication in PowerShell
  • use PowerShell cmdlets to change an instance of SQL Server from Integrated Mode Authentication to Mixed Mode Authentication
  • use PowerShell cmdlets to drop an object within an instance of SQL Server
  • use PowerShell cmdlets to send SQL Server Query results through an SMTP e-mail
  • use PowerShell cmdlets to create an operator within SQL Server Agent
  • use PowerShell cmdlets to create error alerts for multiple errors simultaneously in SQL Server Agent
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