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Using Eclipse

Using Eclipse

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Eclipse is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) that can be used to develop applications with a number of different programming languages, including Java, C and C++, and PHP. This course provides an overview of Eclipse features, including some of its advanced features, and it provides an introduction to programming languages, working with code in Eclipse, and expanding Eclipse.

Target Audience
Entry-level developers and experienced developers


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Lesson Objectives

Using Eclipse

  • start the course
  • work with advanced editor features
  • work with syntax checking
  • use Content Assist
  • use Eclipse help
  • recognize Eclipse community forums
  • search Eclipse
  • work with the Eclipse debugger
  • work with the console
  • use the Windows console in Eclipse
  • recognize the basics of Java
  • recognize the basics of Java syntax
  • recognize the basics of C++
  • recognize the basics of C++ syntax
  • recognize the basics of PHP
  • navigate code
  • use the Outline view
  • work with annotations
  • create tasks
  • use Call Hierarchy
  • work with markers and locate code
  • use breakpoints
  • recognize how to expand Eclipse
  • install EGit
  • install Apache Maven
  • install WindowBuilder
  • use Eclipse as a development environment
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