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Configuring OpenStack

Configuring OpenStack

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OpenStack uses core software components such as OpenStack Compute, OpenStack Image Service, and OpenStack Object Storage to provide an operating system and logical architecture for private and public clouds. This course covers configuration tasks for OpenStack Compute deployments and configuring reliable storage sources using Object Storage. The course looks at the installation and configuration of the OpenStack Dashboard, and how to use it in managing your cloud resources. It also describes the setup and configuration of network services including configuring the network node, using VLAN Manager, and managing tenant networks.

Target Audience
Established IT professionals who wish to acquire job skills and knowledge in OpenStack cloud software


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Lesson Objectives

Configuring OpenStack

  • start the course
  • setting post-configuration options and understanding the nova.conf file
  • configure the Compute nodes with the required Neutron network connectivity
  • configure the Compute node with credentials and certificates needed to launch instances and work with images and other API functions
  • configure the Compute node to allow appropriate access to VMs
  • configure additional Compute nodes in order to distribute the load across multiple servers
  • configure OpenStack Compute to use a hypervisor and virtualization standards
  • configure authentication for OpenStack Compute projects
  • configure authorization for OpenStack Compute projects
  • demonstrate how to launch an instance, selecting an image, a flavor, and optional attributes
  • demonstrate how to configure OpenStack Compute with Identity Service
  • install the OpenStack Object Storage feature on your node
  • demonstrate how to configure OpenStack Object Storage Service
  • configure replication for OpenStack Storage Service
  • demonstrate how to set up SSL access to object storage
  • demonstrate how to manage, create, delete and list containers
  • demonstrate how to manage, download, upload, and list objects
  • install the dashboard on the node
  • create security group rules using OpenStack Dashboard
  • configure key management using the OpenStack Dashboard
  • use the OpenStack Dashboard to launch a new instance
  • demonstrate how to use the Dashboard for user management and to add new tenants
  • install the OpenStack Neutron Networking service node
  • configure OpenStack networking settings for networks, subnets, routers, and ports
  • demonstrate how to configure and modify IP ranges for tenants
  • create a basic Neutron network on the OpenStack Network node
  • use OpenStack Dashboard to create, configure, and modify key components
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