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Java SE 8 Fundamentals: Data Manipulation and Inheritance

Java SE 8 Fundamentals: Data Manipulation and Inheritance

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Java, an object-oriented programming language, is one of the most widely used development languages in the world today. It allows programmers to create objects that can interact with other objects to solve a problem. This course covers how to use the NetBeans debugger. It covers working with dates, and processing the args array and two-dimensional arrays as well as using the ArrayList class. It also covers inheritance in Java classes, including superclasses, subclasses and abstract classes. This course can be used as part of the preparation for the Oracle exam 1Z0-808, Java SE 8 Programmer, to obtain the Oracle Certified Associate level certification.

Target Audience
Beginners to programming who have basic mathematical, logical, and analytical problem-solving skills and who want to begin learning the Java programming language; novice programmers and those programmers who prefer to start learning the Java programming language at an introductory level; and students who want to begin their study of the Oracle Certified Java Associate exam |


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Lesson Objectives

Java SE 8 Fundamentals: Data Manipulation and Inheritance

  • start the course
  • use the NetBeans debugger to debug a Java application
  • describe how to work with dates in Java programs
  • declare and use a LocalDateTime object in a Java program
  • describe how to parse the Java args array
  • parse the Java args array
  • describe how to use two-dimensional arrays in Java
  • describe and compare Java loop constructs and the continue keyword
  • use a loop construct to process an array in a Java program
  • describe nested loops and describe how to process a two-dimensional array with nested loops in Java
  • describe how to use the Java ArrayList class
  • implement an ArrayList in a Java program
  • practice coding a Java program to iterate through an array of data and use classes and methods of the java.time package in a sample application
  • describe how inheritance is implemented in Java
  • describe use of subclasses and superclasses in Java
  • create a Java subclass
  • describe how to override methods in a Java superclass
  • override a method in a Java superclass
  • describe the ways polymorphism can be implemented in Java
  • use the instanceof operator to test the type of a Java object
  • describe how to create and extend abstract classes in Java
  • create a hierarchy of classes in a Java application
  • practice creating a hierarchy of events in a Java application
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