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Using Docker: Dockerizing Applications

Using Docker: Dockerizing Applications

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Applications can be packaged and deployed in multiple ways using Docker. Working with Docker containers, images, and client daemon help administrators, developers, and testers quickly access updated applications and make necessary changes before production. In this course, you will learn understand the concept of Dockerization, how to work with Docker containers, Docker images, link containers, and manage data in containers.

Target Audience
This path is designed for software developers, testers, and administrators or anyone interested in learning Docker or implementing Docker-based deployments in their organization.


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Lesson Objectives

Using Docker: Dockerizing Applications

  • start the course
  • identify the features of a Dockerized application
  • list the steps to spawn an interactive Docker container
  • list the steps to daemonize a Docker container
  • list the steps and commands to access a Docker daemon
  • identify the syntax and version of a Docker command
  • identify Docker client commands and usage
  • describe the command to execute an application in Docker
  • describe container and port details
  • use commands to name and inspect config details in JSON
  • identify the step to list available Docker images
  • list the steps to pull a Docker image
  • list the steps to search for Docker images
  • list the steps to update, create, and commit a Docker image
  • list the steps to push and remove an image from the host or registry
  • identify the use of the -P and -D flags to control port access
  • identify the steps to link containers by referencing through names
  • Use environment variables to link containers
  • list available environment variables and its impact on /etc/hosts file
  • understanding data volumes
  • identify the steps to configure data volumes
  • list the steps to create a data volume container to share data between containers
  • identify the steps to back up and restore data
  • define steps to edit an Ubuntu image for adding a command to it
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