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VMware Cloud Services Solutions

VMware Cloud Services Solutions

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VMware cloud services are based on the trusted vSphere infrastructure, building not just the private cloud but extending its capabilities out into the public domain to form a hybrid configuration. This course introduces the various components of the VMware vCloud Suite and the hybrid cloud concept. It also explores VMware's Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering that is available in the form of the vCloud Air platform.

Target Audience
IT planners, system designers, IT administrators, system analysts, strategic decision makers, and technical engineers


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Lesson Objectives

VMware Cloud Services Solutions

  • start the course
  • define the types of cloud computing and discuss the challenges associated with them
  • identify the challenges resolved by the cloud environment in terms of availability, elasticity, and efficiency
  • describe how the enterprise is moving to a highly virtualized state and how the VMware ecosystem is adapting with SDDC, hybrid cloud, and mobility services
  • describe how IT production can move from the traditional operation model to the IT-as-a-Service solution
  • describe how to build a vSphere-based private cloud to optimize your data center and identify the functions of vCloud Suite
  • identify the products that make up VMware vCloud Suite
  • identify the implementation benefits provided to businesses by VMware vCloud Suite
  • identify the features provided by the vCloud Suite private cloud solution
  • explain the role of VMware vSphere and supporting components in building a private cloud infrastructure
  • identify the functions and features of vCenter Site Recovery Manager
  • define vCloud networking and security capabilities and services
  • identify the functions and benefits provided by vRealize Operations
  • identify the functions and benefits provided by vRealize Automation
  • identify the functions and benefits provided by vRealize Business
  • identify the VMware hybrid cloud solutions available to extend an enterprise's data center into the cloud
  • describe how vCloud Air functions as an Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS offering and identify the services it provides
  • explore the key benefits and advantages of VMware hybrid clouds
  • define the capabilities and features of the VMware vCloud Connector
  • describe the vCloud Air cloud service offering
  • explore the key use cases for implementing VMware vCloud Air services
  • identify the purpose and use case for VMware's vCloud Air dedicated cloud offering
  • define the key benefits and features of VMware vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud service
  • identify the functions and use cases of the vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud service
  • define the key benefits and features of a VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud service
  • choose an appropriate VMware cloud solution for a given scenario and ensure the client requirements are met
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