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Visual Studio Frameworks and Tools

Visual Studio Frameworks and Tools

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Contemporary software runs on an ever growing number of platforms, devices and hardware. Your development environment should be able to accommodate publishing to as many of these as possible. Due to Visual Studio 2015's extensible nature, a wide variety of frameworks and tools can be integrated to enable development on many platforms. In this course you will learn about using Visual Studio 2015 to develop web-based applications and services. You will also learn about developing mobile applications as well as managing and versioning your code.

Target Audience
Developers wishing to gain familiarity with the Visual Studio 2015 development platform.


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Lesson Objectives

Visual Studio Frameworks and Tools

  • start the course
  • describe the Git version control software
  • identify features and benefits of GitHub
  • connect to the GitHub versioning service
  • create a GitHub repository
  • publish your work to GitHub
  • use Team Foundation Server with Visual Studio
  • describe programming models for creating interactive web content using ASP.NET with Visual Studio
  • use the Model-View-Controller paradigm with ASP.NET
  • describe the Web API framework for building web services
  • use Bower to manage project dependencies
  • use Gulp to manage building your project
  • use Grunt to perform build operations in your project
  • use TypeScript to develop a web application
  • use SignalR to push content to clients in real time
  • use AngularJS to create a client-side web app
  • identify tools for styling applications
  • use Knockout to create an MVVM client
  • use Bootstrap to improve and style your user interface
  • develop an app using the Universal Windows platform
  • use Xamarin to target Android and iOS platforms
  • use Apache Cordova to develop mobile applications
  • develop multi-platform games with Unity and Visual Studio
  • develop cross-platform apps with the .NET Execution Environment
  • target code to the CoreCLR, the classic .NET Framework, or both
  • use Node.js tools with Visual Studio
  • use Entity Framework to access database objects
  • use Cloud Explorer to work with Azure resources
  • develop a basic UWP application
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