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VMware NSX Network Virtualization: NSX Network Services

VMware NSX Network Virtualization: NSX Network Services

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Network services in VMware NSX virtual network environments are broadly similar to regular network services, but with some key differences. This course covers network load balancing; VPNs; DNS, DHCP and NAT; and high availability services. This course is one of a series of Skillsoft courses that cover the objectives for VMware certification exam VCA-NV: VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization.

Target Audience
virtual network administrators data center operatives who already possess core networking skills


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Lesson Objectives

VMware NSX Network Virtualization: NSX Network Services

  • start the course
  • configure global load balancing
  • create a service monitor
  • add, edit and delete a server pool
  • add, edit and delete an application profile
  • add, edit and delete virtual servers
  • determine appropriate VMware NSX Edge instance size based on load balancing requirements
  • configure IPSec VPNs including VPN services, parameters and logging
  • configure Layer 2 VPNs incusing enabling, adding clients and servers and viewing statistics
  • configure network access and web access SSL VPN-Plus including configuration, pools networks, packages, users and scripts
  • determine appropriate VPN service type for a given VMware NSX implementation
  • add and edit a DHCP IP pool
  • enable a DHCP IP pool
  • add and edit DHCP static binding
  • configure DNS services
  • add Source NAT (SNAT) rules
  • add Destination NAT (DNAT) rules
  • describe VMware NSX Edge High Availability
  • describe VMware NSX Edge High Availability best practices
  • describe service availability during a VMware Edge High Availability failover
  • differentiate between NSX Edge High Availability and vSphere High Availability
  • configure NSX Edge High Availability heartbeat settings
  • configure load balancing and high availability in VMware NSX
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