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MATLAB Fundamentals

MATLAB Fundamentals

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MATLAB, a fourth-generation language, is one of the most popular numerical computing environments. Developed and owned by MathWorks, it includes functionality such as manipulation of matrices, analysis of data using plotting, and development of algorithms, models, and applications. In this course, you will be introduced to the functionality of MATLAB in addition to how to work with variables, vectors, and matrices; how to implement programming functionality such as flow control; and how to create functions. The course will cover how to analyze data with plots, including 3-D and image plots, and introduce you to importing and exporting data files, including Excel files. It will introduce you to building user interfaces with MATLAB, manipulating equations and polynomials, and calculating basic statistics using MATLAB. Finally, you will learn about some of the toolsets that can be used with MATLAB to provide built-in functionality in relation to statistics and symbolic math expressions.

Target Audience
Individuals who want to learn the fundamentals of MATLAB


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

MATLAB Fundamentals

  • start the course
  • define the purpose of MATLAB software and install it
  • navigate and use the MATLAB interface
  • create and save MATLAB scripts
  • identify and use variables and scalar operations in MATLAB
  • describe and work with vectors and vector operations in MATLAB
  • describe and work with matrices and matrix operations in MATLAB
  • describe and work with data structures in MATLAB
  • use built-in functions in MATLAB
  • implement flow control in MATLAB programs
  • work with functions in MATLAB
  • debug code in MATLAB
  • publish MATLAB code
  • create line plots to visualize data in MATLAB
  • annotate and format plots in MATLAB
  • generate 3-D plots in MATLAB
  • create image plots in MATLAB
  • import data files for processing and use MATLAB functions to read and write Excel files
  • build and save a GUI
  • add functionality to a GUI button
  • write linear equations as matrices and resolve them using MATLAB
  • use MATLAB functions to calculate descriptive statistics for data
  • implement polynomial operations and fit polynomials to data in MATLAB
  • use MATLAB web functions to access a RESTful API
  • build a GUI using GUIDE
  • practice processing and visualizing data in MATLAB
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