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Introduction to Domain-driven Design

Introduction to Domain-driven Design

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There are many benefits to using Domain-driven Design (DDD) and this course will demonstrate the key concepts of the Domain-driven Design model. This course will introduce DDD, help you understand the main principles and components of DDD, why it can be useful, and what knowledge crunching is. Finally, this course will introduce you to the main building blocks of DDD, and a discussion of subdomains and contexts.

Target Audience
Managers, architects, application and software developers, designers, or analysts with basic programming skills looking to enhance their skill set through Domain-driven Design


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Lesson Objectives

Introduction to Domain-driven Design

  • start the course
  • describe the basic concept of DDD
  • describe the DDD approach
  • describe DDD, including domains and contexts
  • describe the various components of DDD
  • describe the domain model in DDD
  • describe the model-driven design map
  • describe the benefits of DDD
  • describe the business value of DDD
  • describe the drawbacks of DDD
  • describe the misconceptions of DDD
  • describe the need for knowledge crunching
  • describe best practices for conducting domain expert interviews
  • describe knowledge crunching from the developer perspective
  • describe knowledge crunching from the domain expert's perspective
  • describe the key aspects of continuous learning
  • describe the key aspects of knowledge-rich design
  • describe the uses of documents and diagrams in DDD
  • describe the key aspects of the domain model in DDD
  • describe the key role of domain experts in DDD
  • describe the purpose of the core domain
  • describe the purpose of generic subdomains
  • describe subdomains and their purpose
  • describe bounded contexts
  • describe context maps
  • recognize the various building blocks and architectures of DDD
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