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Automation and High Availability

Automation and High Availability

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Domain #1 of the 70-533 exam will test your ability to scale web apps to ensure Azure services are always available and perform optimally. Domain #2 focuses on virtual machine management including using a variety of automation methods.

Target Audience
IT professionals responsible for managing Microsoft Azure


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Lesson Objectives

Automation and High Availability

  • start the course
  • describe the need for automation in cloud environments
  • list tools used for Azure automation
  • use the portal to create an Azure automation account
  • define how runbooks are used to automate Azure administrative tasks
  • use the portal to create a runbook
  • describe how to standardize configurations using DSC
  • ensure the IIS web server role is installed in Azure Windows VMs
  • recognize how the Chef VM extension is used for configuration management
  • recognize how the Puppet VM extension is used for configuration management
  • describe the need for high availability and solutions
  • use the portal to resize an existing virtual machine
  • use the portal to create a virtual machine scale set
  • use the portal to configure a virtual machine scale set
  • identify when Azure Load Balancer should be used
  • describe the benefit on the load balancer when using direct server return
  • use Azure Load Balancer for VMs in the same region
  • identify when the Azure Traffic Manager should be used
  • use Traffic Manager for VMs in different regions
  • use DSC to ensure Windows VM configurations are consistent
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