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Google Forms: Creating Forms

Google Forms: Creating Forms

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With Google Forms, you can create and distribute forms and surveys of all conceivable kinds. Discover how to create forms with Google Forms.

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Google Forms: Creating Forms

  • create, save, and modify a Google Form on Google Drive
  • navigate the Google Forms interface
  • access the different text fields available in Google Forms
  • create an open question in Google Forms
  • create a check box question on your Google Form
  • add drop-down answer lists to your Google Form questions
  • add multiple choice questions to your Google form
  • add a scale question to your Google form
  • add grid questions to your Google Form
  • add a date or time question to your Google Form
  • modify your questionnaire layout in Google Forms
  • reorganize the question sequence on your Google Form
  • apply a graphic theme to your Google Form
  • incorporate multimedia elements into your Google Form
  • configure the user settings and accessibility options for your Google Form
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