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Ruby Full Stack Development: Introduction

Ruby Full Stack Development: Introduction

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Ruby is a very powerful language for web and software development. Explore the Ruby language, including how to code in Ruby and the basic building blocks of a Ruby application.

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Ruby Full Stack Development: Introduction

  • describe the motivation and history of Ruby and why it should be used for software development
  • install and configure Ruby
  • create and run a simple Ruby script from the command line or PowerShell
  • use interactive Ruby (IRB)
  • recognize key Ruby identifiers like variables and constants
  • use string, numeric, and Boolean values in Ruby
  • apply comments and structure to a Ruby program
  • work with arithmetic and string operators to manipulate variables in Ruby
  • use Ruby methods to get user input and format output to the console
  • use if, else, and elsif to control the flow of a Ruby application
  • use logical operators to make decisions based on the values of variables in Ruby
  • work with blocks, procs, and lambdas to modularize and improve code readability in Ruby
  • identify how variable scope and namespaces work in Ruby
  • create a simple Ruby console app that can take input and display output after manipulating the input
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