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Ruby Full Stack Development: RegEx and I/O with Ruby

Ruby Full Stack Development: RegEx and I/O with Ruby

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Most applications need to use input/output operations for files and databases. Explore how Ruby accesses and manipulates files on a disk and accesses information from databases. In this course, you will see how to define and use regular expressions to manipulate strings. Use the built-in File class to open, access, and close files. See how to write code that reads and writes data to a file, and manipulates files and directories on a drive. Learn how to run the MySQL2 Ruby Gem database connector, create a client connection, and execute CRUD operations, as well as select statements and prepared statements.

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Ruby Full Stack Development: RegEx and I/O with Ruby

  • define and describe regular expressions and how they can be used
  • use regular expressions to evaluate if a value is valid in Ruby
  • manipulate and modify strings using regular expressions in Ruby
  • open, access, and close files and check if a file exists in Ruby
  • read and write string, byte, and character data to a file in Ruby
  • manipulate physical files on a drive by renaming, deleting, and copying files in Ruby
  • create, rename, move, and delete directories from within Ruby
  • install the MySQL2 Ruby Gem database connector
  • use the MySQL2 Client class to create a connection object to a MySQL database
  • create, read, update, and delete data from a database
  • use sorting, grouping, and aggregation when reading data from a database
  • use prepared statements to safely pass data to the database
  • use file and database input and output operations to manipulate files and data stored in databases
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