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Java SE 11: Objects & Classes

Java SE 11: Objects & Classes

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Explore the essential elements of working with Java objects, classes, references, and methods.

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Java SE 11: Objects & Classes

  • list the characteristics of a Java object
  • define Java object components and properties
  • create object instances and use their fields and methods in Java
  • describe the use of object references in Java
  • work with different references to objects in Java
  • describe how objects are stored in memory in Java
  • work with multiple references pointing to the same object in Java
  • describe how an array of objects is stored in memory in Java
  • describe the basic form of a method and a constructor in Java
  • create a class that implements a constructor in Java
  • declare methods that have parameters in Java
  • implement methods that return values of a specified return type in Java
  • create methods that make use of method overloading in Java
  • distinguish between local and instance variables in Java
  • create overloaded methods that return values to the caller in Java
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