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Excel Office 365 (Windows): Basic Formulas

Excel Office 365 (Windows): Basic Formulas

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Formulas in MS Excel for Office 365 are useful in helping you visualize data. This course explores the large collection of formulas available in the Excel searchable library. Learn how to program each data cell to perform calculations, insert subtotals, create automated cumulative totals, and apply a formula to a large number of entries with the fill down function. Observe how to employ the COUNTA, COUNTIF, number rounding, and replacement formulas. Other topics explore how to rank a value with the rank function; convert between binary and hexadecimal number systems; factorize division results with the QUOTIENT and MODE formulas, and generate random values.

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Excel Office 365 (Windows): Basic Formulas

  • insert a formula using the Excel 365 function library
  • perform simple calculations in Excel 365
  • use automated formulas in a table in Excel 365
  • create automated cumulative totals in Excel 365
  • insert subtotals in Excel 365
  • count cells in a range in Excel 365
  • rank a value in Excel 365
  • round a number in Excel 365
  • use replacement formulas in Excel 365
  • convert number types in Excel 365
  • factorize the results of a division in Excel 365
  • create random values in Excel
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