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Confluence: Setting Up & Managing Spaces

Confluence: Setting Up & Managing Spaces

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If a member on your Confluence site has created a space, you can find it and join it. Comprised of interlocking or related pages, they ensure that everyone who needs the information has access to it. During this course, you will learn how to create, view, restructure, archive, and delete spaces. You'll observe how to configure add-ons, shortcut links, and automatic reports. Learn how to structure your spaces, add content and delete spaces if necessary. See how to watch pages, view updates, and stop watching pages. Other tasks include how to make page templates, share your page, send a link, or export it. Restrict who can view and edit your pages. Finally, you'll learn how to export your space as a pdf and print it.

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Lesson Objectives

Confluence: Setting Up & Managing Spaces

  • access a space in Confluence
  • create a Confluence team space
  • customize the Confluence homepage
  • manage a space in Confluence
  • follow pages in Confluence
  • reorganize the Confluence space pages
  • copy and move pages in Confluence
  • structure a page in Confluence
  • delete a page in Confluence
  • share a page in Confluence
  • share links in Confluence
  • view the page history in Confluence
  • add page restrictions in Confluence
  • use integrations in Confluence
  • export a Confluence space as a PDF
  • create publication templates in Confluence
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