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Java SE 11: Modular Design

Java SE 11: Modular Design

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Examine how to package Java applications through JAR files and explore modular development and distribution issues. During this course, you will start by learning how to deploy an application as a JAR file, to ease Java program management. Next, create a deployment JAR file in NetBeans. Run a JAR File from the Command Line. Discover client/server multitier architecture. From there, you will study the principles of modular design and development in Java and JDK 9, before examining JAR file distribution and dependency issues. Consider JDK 9 modules and class accessibility. Conclude, as an exercise, by creating and running a modular application.

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Java SE 11: Modular Design

  • describe how classes are grouped into packages to ease the management of Java programs
  • create a JAR file in NetBeans for deployment
  • run a program from a JAR file on the command line
  • describe multi-tier program architecture
  • describe Java modular design principles
  • identify the principles of modular development in JDK 9
  • identify distribution and dependency issues related to JAR files
  • describe class accessibility in JDK 9 modules
  • create a modular application with exports and requires directives
  • implement a transitive dependency in a module
  • compile and run a modular application
  • list the modules in JDK 9
  • create and run a modular application
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