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Outlook Office 365 (Windows): Sending & Receiving Email

Outlook Office 365 (Windows): Sending & Receiving Email

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In this 16-video course, you will learn how to send, receive, and reply to different types of e-mails with Outlook 365. You will also see how to insert attachments and create mailouts to send to different contacts. Begin by setting up Outlook to receive your e-mails and learn how to read them. Activate the Read Aloud tool to have any e-mail read to you aloud; explore how to write and send an e-mail; and learn how to save an e-mail as a draft if you lack the time to finish and send it. Observe how to reply to and forward an e-mail, and also send an e-mail to multiple recipients. Discover how to use mentions, which draw attention to your contacts; open and save attachments, and send an attachment. Learn how to share files via OneDrive and SharePoint; send Outlook items via e-mail; request a delivery receipt, and create a mailout. Also, learn how to create out-of-office and automatic replies, and finally, print an e-mail and save as a PDF.

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Lesson Objectives

Outlook Office 365 (Windows): Sending & Receiving Email

  • Receiving & reading emails
  • Using the Read Aloud tool to read an email
  • Sending an email
  • Saving your email as a draft
  • Replying to & forwarding an email
  • Sending an email to multiple recipients
  • Using mentions
  • Opening & saving an attachment
  • Sending an attachment
  • Sharing files via OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Sending Outlook items via email
  • Requesting a delivery receipt
  • Creating a mailout
  • Creating an out-of-office reply
  • Creating an automatic reply
  • Printing an email & saving as a PDF
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