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Outlook 2019 (Windows): Calendar Tools

Outlook 2019 (Windows): Calendar Tools

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Keep track of events, meetings, and appointments in Outlook for Office 2019 by using the calendar function. In this 15-video course, learners will discover how to configure a calendar; create and organize events and meetings; add, import, and export calendars; and work with tasks. Begin with an overview of the calendar, and then learn how to create a one-off or recurring event. Outlook's meeting function allows you to propose and schedule a meeting, while at the same time send e-mail invitations to your intended participants. Discover how to do this along with managing your meetings. You will explore how to create events from your e-mail; create a calendar, and import and export a calendar. Also, observe how to manage multiple calendars; print a calendar and save as a PDF, and configure your calendar. Discover how to create a task with Outlook's To-Do List function; assign a task; and then organize your tasks. Finally, observe how to customize tasks.

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Lesson Objectives

Outlook 2019 (Windows): Calendar Tools

  • use the calendar
  • create an event in your calendar
  • create a recurring event in your calendar
  • create a meeting in your calendar
  • manage a meeting in your calendar
  • create events in the calendar from your email
  • create a calendar
  • import and export a calendar
  • manage multiple calendars
  • print your calendar and save it as a pdf
  • configure your calendar
  • create a task in your calendar
  • assign tasks in your calendar
  • organize tasks in your calendar
  • customize your tasks in your calendar
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