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PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Creating Presentations

PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Creating Presentations

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Create your slides, and finesse them like a pro. Discover how to use themes, create and manipulate slides, and work with slide elements in PowerPoint 2019, in this 13-video course. Key concepts covered here include how to create and edit a new presentation; how to use themes and templates to create presentations; and how to specify the preset layout that can be applied when you insert a new slide. Begin by learning how to insert slides from an existing presentation; how to adjust a slide layout to add structure to your presentation and insert text elements and objects into the presentation automatically; and how to add slides quickly and easily move them around in presentations. Next, learn how to create a template from scratch which can be used to speed up the creation process; how to create sections to help structure your presentation; and how to use headers and footers. Finally, observe how using Master mode allows changes to the overall appearance of your presentation and changes to multiple slides at once.

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PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Creating Presentations

  • create and open a presentation
  • use themes and templates to create a presentation
  • insert a new slide into a presentation
  • insert slides from an existing presentation into a new presentation
  • adjust your slide layout
  • move your slides
  • create a template for your presentation
  • create sections in your presentation
  • create an outline for your presentation
  • use headers and footers in your presentation
  • use the Master mode in your presentation
  • create a Master slide template
  • manage multiple themes using Master slides for your presentation
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