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Word for Office 365: Editing documents

Word for Office 365: Editing documents

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This 17-video course explores Word for Office 365's intuitive text tools for typing, manipulating, and checking text. Here you will learn how to configure settings for more efficient typing, and how to insert, edit, and format text boxes. First, learn how to use the special character menu. Examine how Word Properties include information about the author, tags, or the last time the document was modified. You will then learn how to reorder text or paragraphs with cutting, copying, and pasting tools. If you often use the same items or groups of items in your documents, you will learn how to save them to your AutoText and Quick Parts galleries, and to quickly insert them into future documents. Word keeps a log of what has been recently typed, so you will learn how to use the redo and undo functions. You will learn to use the Editor tool to proofread and correct your document, and check the grammar and spelling. Finally, learners will examine how the AutoCorrect feature will correct frequently used vocabulary and symbols.

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Lesson Objectives

Word for Office 365: Editing documents

  • insert text in your document
  • insert text more efficiently in your document
  • insert a text box in your document
  • insert special characters in your document
  • add to your document properties
  • select text manually in your document
  • select text automatically in your document
  • cut, copy and paste in your document
  • move text in your document
  • use Word's paste options in your document
  • use the AutoText function in your document
  • undo and redo your actions in your document
  • proof and correct your document
  • use AutoCorrect in your document
  • configure the AutoCorrect settings for your document
  • use the spell check in your document
  • configure the spell check for your document
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