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Azure Developer: Common Application Design & Connectivity Patterns

Azure Developer: Common Application Design & Connectivity Patterns

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Discover how to identify the right design patterns to implement various architectural component that includes patterns to resolve common issues and build robust architecture.

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Azure Developer: Common Application Design & Connectivity Patterns

  • specify the various Azure cloud design patterns that are used to build cloud solutions
  • describe the role of the Ambassador pattern in cloud solutions design
  • illustrate the context, problems and solutions proposed by the backends for frontend pattern
  • describe how the bulkhead pattern help resolve loading issues
  • identify the significance of using Anti-corruption layer with the focus of problem context and solution
  • describe the approaches and benefits of implementing Cache-aside pattern from the perspective of managing data load
  • specify the approaches of using the circuit breaker pattern in services along with the guidelines and recommendations of when not to use it
  • identify the critical use cases of implementing the CQRS pattern along with the appropriate guidelines of implementing it
  • list the essential benefits and scenarios of implementing compensation transaction and competing consumer
  • demonstrate the operational aspects of applications running on Windows Azure using Compute Resource consolidating pattern
  • illustrate the objective of Event sourcing pattern to evaluate its capabilities
  • demonstrate the approaches implementing the Federated Identify pattern in Azure
  • illustrate the high level implementation of Gatekeeper and Gateway pattern
  • demonstrate the approaches of implementing Gateway routing in Azure
  • implement the Leader Election pattern
  • create an application gateway, configure front-end API and add HTTP setting to the gateway
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