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Azure Developer: Storage Solutions

Azure Developer: Storage Solutions

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Explore various storage solution that include essential storage solutions, and manage data including critical tasks like data transfer, data security and caching.

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Lesson Objectives

Azure Developer: Storage Solutions

  • compare the big data and traditional data model
  • list the various data transfer mechanisms in Azure that we can use to transfer or migrate data
  • compare the essential physical transport mechanisms available in Azure
  • list the various data transfer tools provided by Azure
  • demonstrate the approaches of using AZ Copy, Alcoy and DistCp
  • demonstrate the usage of Azure Storage Explorer to facilitate better storage solutions
  • use Azure Data factory to manage data transfer
  • identify the key selection criteria that we must consider when selecting the appropriate data transfer solution based on various scenarios
  • list the various Storage solutions provided by Azure to manage data
  • demonstrate the approaches of using the Azure Disk Store with a sample implementation scenario
  • demonstrate the approaches of using the Azure Blob Storage with a sample implementation scenario
  • illustrate the usage of Archive storage
  • create and use File storage
  • create and use Queue storage
  • create and use Avere vFXT
  • list the essential criteria for selecting appropriate storage solutions
  • describe the essential Caching principles and patterns that we can utilize to incorporate the most appropriate caching strategy
  • demonstrate how we can implement security for our data solutions
  • create a File store, create a directory within the File store, and upload files to the directory
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