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Azure Developer: Azure Cloud Technology Solutions

Azure Developer: Azure Cloud Technology Solutions

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Explore the advantages of appropriate design principles and Application Design from the perspective of Azure Data and Web API to create scalable solutions utilizing Azure Product Stacks.

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Azure Developer: Azure Cloud Technology Solutions

  • classify the various application architectural styles that we can adopt to build robust applications
  • describe the different tiers of N-Tier applications that we can use to build decoupled enterprise applications
  • define the concept of microservices and describe the features of the Web-Queue-Worker architectural style
  • recognize the benefits of adopting or implementing the Event-driven architecture in order to develop enterprise applications
  • demonstrate the various types of compute services provided by Azure and the approaches of setting up the compute services
  • list the essential selection criteria that we can adopt to implement the right compute components
  • recognize the various design principles of Azure applications along with the essential application types
  • Implement Azure Scalable sets
  • list the various essential approaches of managing data in Azure along the underlying data architectures
  • specify the various challenges in developing and deploying applications on the Cloud
  • specify the various essential design patterns along with the underlying architectural issues managed by the design patterns
  • create Azure API and publish the API
  • create Web API and publish the Web API on Azure
  • demonstrate the essential steps involved in setting up auto scalable architecture in Azure
  • illustrate the essential features of Azure Monitor along with it's role in facilitating auto scaling
  • create compute instance, create API using .NET, and publish API on Azure
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