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Programming in C#: Using Types

Programming in C#: Using Types

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One of the main types in object-oriented programming is the class. Delve into classes and explore encapsulation, implementing a class hierarchy, using reflection, and managing the object life cycle.

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Programming in C#: Using Types

  • format strings
  • use auto-implemented properties
  • use public, internal, and private access modifiers
  • implement explicit interfaces
  • create interfaces
  • implement inheritance
  • create and implement indexers
  • use IEnumerable
  • use the Dispose method of the IDisposable interface to remove an object
  • define the concept of COM interoperability and IUnKnow interface
  • implement the IComparable interface
  • use the System.Reflection namespace to provide a range of information about a type
  • use types from the 'System.Reflection namespace' such as Assembly, PropertyInfo, and MethodInfo type
  • demonstrate how to apply and read attributes
  • create attribute classes to add to a code construct
  • use CodeDom to create code dynamically
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