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Azure Developer: Relational Database Solutions

Azure Developer: Relational Database Solutions

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Examine how to implement a relational database system as DBaaS provided by Azure. Explore the significance of using OLTP and OLAP and challenges that may arise from their use.

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Azure Developer: Relational Database Solutions

  • list the essential capabilities of RDBMS and the benefits of implementing RDBMS on Azure
  • identify the architectural implementation of OLTP along with its challenges
  • set up and connect to Azure SQL Database
  • describe the implementation of SQL server in Azure Virtual machine
  • implement Azure Database with MySQL database engine and create Entity Framework using VS2017
  • list and compare features of data warehouse and data mart
  • setup Datawarehouse in Azure and utilize the capabilities of Datawarehouse using .NET
  • specify the capabilities of Azure in implementing OLAP
  • demonstrate the approach of implementing OLAP using the Azure Analysis server
  • list the implementation scenarios of ETL and the various essential Azure technologies that are used to build ETL flow
  • implement REST services using .NET and deploy it as Azure App service
  • compare the essential features provided by Static and Dynamic data masking
  • demonstrate the steps involved in implementing Dynamic data masking for databases
  • create SQL server database, connect to the database using SSMC and apply data masking to the data stored in the database
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