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Azure Developer: Blob Storage Solutions

Azure Developer: Blob Storage Solutions

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Explore the features and functionality of Azure Blog Storage. Examine the blob life cycle and manage blob storage using tools such as Azure Search and Storage Explorer.

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Lesson Objectives

Azure Developer: Blob Storage Solutions

  • describe the critical features of Blob Storage from the perspective of Azure Enterprise app
  • create a Blob in Object storage using .NET framework
  • illustrate the lifecycle of the Azure Blob storage
  • manage Blob storage resources using the Azure Storage explorer
  • demonstrate the approach of using the Azure Search to search Blob storages
  • host static websites in Azure Storage
  • list the essential .NET client namespaces that we can use to manage Blobs
  • illustrate the usage of the Azure Storage Data Movement library with an example scenario
  • upload files and directories to the Blob storage
  • demonstrate the approaches and steps involved in tracking data
  • demonstrate the approach of copying files from URLs to Blob storages
  • demonstrate the steps involved in copying data from a Blob storage to another Blob storage
  • create a Blob storage, upload files to the Blob storage, and set up search using Azure Search on the Blob storage
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