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Developing Azure and Web Services: IIS & Web Services

Developing Azure and Web Services: IIS & Web Services

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When developing a distributed app that must be run locally, IIS is available and can be configured to scale and run web services. Explore IIS and how to create a web service.

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Developing Azure and Web Services: IIS & Web Services

  • recognize the benefits and core capabilities of IIS
  • install and configure IIS for hosting web apps
  • create and host an ASP.NET web app
  • use OWIN to create and host a simple web app
  • configure and use logs to troubleshoot problems with IIS
  • use performance counters to troubleshoot IIS at the worker and application levels
  • distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous operations
  • perform synchronous operations using ADO.NET basic objects and readers
  • perform an asynchronous operation with ADO.NET
  • use asynchronous operations with Entity Framework
  • design and describe a Web API service and how routing works
  • create routing rules and use the Routing Tables
  • create a controller using Action methods
  • bind parameters to Request Messages in a Controller
  • use SignalR to implement WebSockets to create a real-time web app
  • manage IIS, troubleshoot IIS, and create a web service
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