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Developing Azure and Web Services: Consuming Services

Developing Azure and Web Services: Consuming Services

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Many web services use ASP.NET to handle data and CRUD operations by using OData. Explore ASP.NET, the ASP.NET Pipeline, and the OData protocol.

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Developing Azure and Web Services: Consuming Services

  • use JavaScript to synchronously and asynchronously request XML or JSON content
  • use the HttpClient to consume a web service from within a .NET client
  • work with request batching to reduce network traffic
  • recognize where exceptions can occur in a request and handle them gracefully
  • describe how to secure a Web Service using HTTPS and authentication
  • use authentication credentials to secure a Web Service
  • decouple components from dependencies and use dependency injection
  • use the ASP.NET Web API Dependency Resolver interface to provide instances of needed controllers
  • describe how to customize or extend the ASP.NET Web API Pipeline
  • use the DelegatingHandler class to create a handler
  • add filters to an ASP.NET Web API to extend a pipeline
  • create an ASP.NET Web API Asynchronous Action to improve scalability when doing I/O heavy operations
  • use Pipeline filters to extend authorization and authentication
  • describe the OData service
  • create an OData queryable action using a Query String option
  • extend the OData action using a Model, Controller, and Route
  • consume an OData service using the tools built into Visual Studio or programmatically with LINQ
  • consume and create advanced services, manipulating the ASP.NET Pipeline, and using OData services
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