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Azure Developer: PaaS Web Applications

Azure Developer: PaaS Web Applications

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Explore how to implement different types of Azure web applications, including Web API, Azure Service API, and Web Jobs.

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Lesson Objectives

Azure Developer: PaaS Web Applications

  • list web application types that can be created in Azure
  • create a static HTML site
  • create .NET Framework web applications using artifacts
  • create and publish Windows Containers in Azure
  • list the benefits of Azure App Service
  • host RESTful API using Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)
  • configure authentication and authorization in Azure App Services
  • apply Azure CDN to an Azure App Service
  • create an Azure Endpoint for an Azure Service Web API project
  • specify different policies for controlling caching behavior
  • list essential cross origin resource sharing (CORS) concepts and their impact on applications
  • demonstrate how to create Web jobs in Azure App Service
  • list Swagger benefits and capabilities in relation to Azure integration
  • create and work with Azure web applications using Azure Web API, RESTful services, and Azure Service API
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