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Azure Developer: Implementing Authentication & Access Control

Azure Developer: Implementing Authentication & Access Control

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Evaluate and implement various security mechanisms provided by Microsoft Azure.

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Lesson Objectives

Azure Developer: Implementing Authentication & Access Control

  • recognize the various security features provided by Azure that we can utilize to secure Azure services
  • describe the concept of cloud security and shared responsibility along with the advantages afforded by Responsibility Zones
  • recall the various essential security services and technologies provided by Microsoft Azure
  • demonstrate how to facilitate access using RBAC on the Azure Portal
  • recognize the implementation of Deny assignments
  • identify the various application types along with their applicable security mechanisms
  • recognize the architecture of Azure Active Directory
  • specify the benefits afforded with the implementation of security using OpenID and Oauth
  • recall the essential usage scenario of SAML and WS-Federation
  • identify the various essential Azure Active Directory connected services
  • install the essential NuGet security package on a web application
  • recall how to create an Azure Active Directory application and service principal
  • recognize how to restrict access to applications to a specific set of users
  • illustrate how to set up authorization for web applications using the Azure Active Directory
  • describe the essential features provided by Azure multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • recognize how to implement Azure MFA verification
  • launch the Azure Active Directory service, configure a new application registration, and configure API access
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