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Azure Fundamentals: The Ecosystem

Azure Fundamentals: The Ecosystem

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Continue exploring differences between cloud computing and traditional on-premises computing, and how Microsoft Azure Cloud Services are made available to cloud customers, in this 15-video course examining the Azure ecosystem. Here you will learn about Microsoft Azure data centers or physical facilities, which are currently located in 140 countries, and that when you deploy new resources, you must specify the geographical location or region. Then you will learn how ARM (Azure Resource Manager) can be used to deploy or manage a single virtual machine (VM), or related resources as a group. Next, learners see that the Microsoft Azure portal is a GUI (graphical user interface tool), in the form of a web application, and the GUI management tool supports RBAC (role-based access control). You will learn to use the Microsoft Azure CLI (command-line interface) tool to manage resources from a command- line environment. You will learn to use Azure Cloud Shell CLI to deploy a Linux VM. Finally, you will explore Azure Powershell to manage Azure resources at the command line. This is one of a series of courses to help learners prepare for the AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals certification exam.

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Lesson Objectives

Azure Fundamentals: The Ecosystem

  • Course Overview
  • recognize how Azure data centers function
  • describe the relevance of Azure regions
  • discuss the purpose of Azure Availability Zones
  • compare ARM to the traditional Azure management model
  • describe the benefits of Azure resource grouping
  • recognize when the Azure Portal should be used to manage Azure resources
  • manage Azure resources using the Azure Portal
  • recognize when the Azure CLI should be used to manage Azure resources
  • download, install, and configure the Azure CLI
  • manage Azure resources using the Azure Cloud Shell CLI
  • recognize when Azure PowerShell cmdlets should be used to manage Azure resources
  • download, install, and configure Azure PowerShell
  • manage Azure resources using Azure PowerShell cmdlets
  • identify Azure management strategies
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