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Azure Fundamentals: Monitoring the Azure Environment

Azure Fundamentals: Monitoring the Azure Environment

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Learners explore how to monitor Azure resources and control cloud-related costs in this 12-video course dealing with AZ-900 entry-level Microsoft Azure certification. You will learn about Azure service offerings, including those related to storage, virtual machines (VMs), databases, and developer solutions, and how Azure Resource Monitoring provides performance and security insights for subscribers. First, the course demonstrates use of Azure Monitoring to view Azure resource logs, and how to configure alert notifications and create custom dashboards. Then learn to utilize Azure cost management with Azure Pricing Calculator and Azure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator; how to configure billing supports; and how to submit an Azure support request. In the closing exercise, learners will enable alerts to administrators, notifying when a specific VM's CPU utilization exceeds 85 percent; create a custom dashboard (HQ Admin) that shows Resource Groups and Users and Groups; use Azure Pricing Calculator to estimate costs related to three Linux VMs, and one managed Azure SQL Database instance; and configure an Azure billing alert when Azure charges reach $300.

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Lesson Objectives

Azure Fundamentals: Monitoring the Azure Environment

  • Course Overview
  • recognize how Azure monitoring works
  • monitor Azure resource through logs
  • alert administrators when thresholds are violated
  • use the portal to create a custom dashboard
  • recognize different resource costs and how they can be monitored
  • estimate Azure resource usage costs using the Pricing Calculator
  • calculate the cost of Azure service usage over time
  • alert administrators when cost thresholds are exceeded
  • recognize when to use the Azure knowledge center, and review support plan types
  • use the portal to submit a support ticket
  • implement monitoring and cost management
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