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REST API with Java: Spring JPA & Apache Derby

REST API with Java: Spring JPA & Apache Derby

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In this 12-video course, learners can explore using Spring Data's Spring JPA (Java persistence application programming interface) with Apache Derby and Spring Security. First, you will examine how to use the STS (Spring Tool Suite) environment to create a Spring Boot project; learn how to add Spring Data REST (representational state transfer) to a Spring Boot project; and learn how to create a repository with Spring JPA. Next, learners will install Apache Derby, a relational database schema to use in a Java or Spring project. This course then demonstrates how to use Apache Derby in your CLASSPATH to enable the JDBC (Java database connectivity) driver. You will learn how to use Spring JPA with Apache Derby to create a project. Learn how to configure an embedded Derby in your Spring Boot. You will explore Spring security, and how it might apply to a login form, and see an example of an MVC (model, view, controller) application. Finally, learn how to enable Spring security for a CRUD (create, run, update, delete) API.

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REST API with Java: Spring JPA & Apache Derby

  • Course Overview
  • add Spring Data REST to a Spring Boot project
  • create a repository that uses Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • download and install Apache Derby
  • use Apache Derby with Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) in Spring (STS)
  • use Apache Derby to set your CLASSPATH
  • use Spring JPA with Apache Derby
  • integrate Apache Derby using Spring JPA in CRUD API with Spring Boot
  • configure an embedded Derby in Spring Boot
  • create a Spring MVC application with a login form using Spring Security
  • create a CRUD API with secure authentication
  • use Spring JPA in Spring Boot
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