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MS-900 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Windows 10, Autopilot, & Azure

MS-900 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Windows 10, Autopilot, & Azure

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Learners will explore an overview of the cloud and its various forms, including public, private, and hybrid clouds, in this 10-video course, which helps prepare for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) exam, including Windows 10, deployment, licenses, and upgrades. The course opens by discussing specifically what the cloud means and what it represents to individuals and organizations today, beginning with basic concepts: first, the cloud is at its core, networking, but uses the Internet to connect to the cloud network rather than a private dedicated connection to a local area network; the most common cloud services, including remote storage and retrieval of data; and the three types of clouds: public, where space is purchased on shared servers; private; and hybrid, a combination of the two. Similarities and differences between on-premises data solutions and cloud-based data solutions are also covered. A concluding exercise asks learners to describe the cloud, the public cloud, and the private cloud, and to explain pros of the cloud.

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Lesson Objectives

MS-900 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Windows 10, Autopilot, & Azure

  • Course Overview
  • describe the new features of Windows 10 deployment
  • describe the benefits of the Modern Desktop Deployment Center and how to access the Modern Desktop Deployment and Management Lab Kit
  • describe common Windows 10 deployment scenarios
  • specify options for updating from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise and how to check Windows 10 activation status
  • describe how to access Microsoft’s guidance for IT professionals for resolving errors when upgrading to Windows 10
  • describe Windows Autopilot and how it can be used to set up and configure devices
  • describe the features and benefits of Windows Autopilot
  • describe Windows Autopilot and access Windows Autopilot device enrollment
  • describe the features and elements of Upgrade Readiness for Windows 10
  • describe Windows 10 licensing options, including access to Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows Virtual Desktop Access, and Windows to Go
  • describe Microsoft resources for planning a deployment of Windows 10 in an enterprise
  • describe what Microsoft Azure is and reasons to adopt Azure, including Azure’s free offering
  • specify the key features of Microsoft Azure, including load balancing, availability, and performance
  • describe the key benefits of Microsoft Azure and how it compares to other similar offerings
  • describe features of Windows 10, Windows Autopilot, and Microsoft Azure
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