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AZ-103 - Microsoft Azure Administrator: Azure Storage Accounts

AZ-103 - Microsoft Azure Administrator: Azure Storage Accounts

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Examine Azure Storage including Azure Storage Explorer, Azure Storage Redundancy, Blob Storage, File Share, File Sync, Sync Group, Access Keys, and Shared Access Signature in preparation for the Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-103) exam.

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Lesson Objectives

AZ-103 - Microsoft Azure Administrator: Azure Storage Accounts

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • describe Azure Storage and the three available services, Azure Blobs, Azure Files and Azure Queues
  • create and use a storage account in the Azure portal
  • configure and use Azure Blob Storage
  • create Azure file shares using the Azure portal
  • install and use Azure File Sync Agent
  • troubleshoot and resolve issues with Azure File Sync
  • create an Azure Sync group in the Azure portal
  • upgrade your storage account using the Azure portal
  • configure your Azure storage account
  • install and connect Azure Storage Explorer to your storage account
  • identify redundancy options you can use with your storage account
  • change your storage account replication strategy using Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI
  • manage your Azure storage account access keys
  • configure network access to your storage account
  • describe shared access signature and what its used for
  • create a shared access signature and use it with Azure Blob Storage
  • configure an Azure storage account, modify storage account replication, create an Azure file share, and create an Azure Shared Access Signature
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