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Penetration Testing Fundamentals

Penetration Testing Fundamentals

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This 14-video course explores penetration testing, and the role it plays in protecting a company's assets and networks from exploitation and attacks. In this course, users learn how penetration testing can expose security weaknesses. You will also learn about different types of penetration testing, and how to test for common penetration types, and you will examine the importance of penetration testing for an organization. This course demonstrates passive information gathering, or open- source gathering to search for available information about the organization. You will learn to use active information gathering to target the organization's systems, the employees, their networks to gain information. Next, explore several different types of exploits that can cause problems, including buffer overflow attacks, client side and website attacks, password attacks, and port forwarding exploits; and learn how to conduct a privilege escalation attack. Finally, you will examine how penetration testers and bad actors can gain access to a system by using network tunneling.

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Lesson Objectives

Penetration Testing Fundamentals

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe what penetration testing is and why it is important to the organization
  • describe the common types of penetration and the importance of testing each type
  • describe passive information gathering and methods for collecting information
  • describe active information gathering along with methods and techniques for collecting information
  • compare vulnerability to penetration testing and describe the function of each
  • describe the cause of buffer overflow and how this exploit can be used for attacks
  • describe user privilege escalation and methods that can be used to protect your system from security attacks
  • describe common client-side attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting attacks and methods to help prevent them
  • describe common web cyber attacks and countermeasures to prevent these attacks
  • describe common password attacks and methods for preventing them
  • describe port forwarding and how it can be used as an exploit
  • describe the purpose of network tunneling and why it is important for penetration testing
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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