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Scrum Team Velocity: Exploring Team Velocity

Scrum Team Velocity: Exploring Team Velocity

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This 12-video course explores team velocity in Scrum, its purpose, benefits, and implementation. You will learn that team velocity, or velocity, is a metric used to accurately measure the amount of work a Scrum team can perform during a sprint. Learners will explore several descriptions of team velocity. You will examine velocity advantages, including how it helps set realistic expectations, how it explains the process, and how it can limit the amount of work agreed to in future iterations. Next, learners will examine how user stories describe functionality, and how to use story points as a basic unit of measure for velocity. Learn about the pivotal role of the Scrum master, who provides service to the product owner, organization, and development team. You will learn how to identify common metrics, and how velocity burndown charts are created and managed in JIRA. You will examine team velocity best practices. Finally, this course uses case studies to demonstrate how to present Scrum to a client.

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Lesson Objectives

Scrum Team Velocity: Exploring Team Velocity

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe what team velocity is and what it represents in Scrum
  • describe the advantages of team velocity
  • describe the relationship between user stories and team velocity in Scrum
  • recognize the role of the Scrum Master in managing and improving team velocity
  • describe how team velocity can affect a Scrum team and how to find the right balance for your team
  • describe the common metrics of team velocity in Scrum, how to identify the metrics you wish to use, and how to measure them
  • describe the use of burndown charts as they relate to team velocity
  • describe burndown charts and how they can be created and managed using the popular project management tool JIRA
  • recognize best practices for improving team velocity
  • describe examples of known Scrum velocity case studies
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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