Project Management Training

In today’s digital world, work is planned and executed through mission-based teams. As a result, project and program management skills are more necessary and more in demand than ever before.

“Projects and programs are the core of any organization’s strategic initiatives — they are how change happens. Having the talent to implement those initiatives successfully is the critical capability that gives organizations a competitive advantage to navigate through necessary change. Excellence in managing that talent is a key differentiator to unlocking that capability”.

PMI®’s Pulse of the Profession, 9th Global Annual Project Management Survey, 2017

Senior leaders acknowledge that their organizations struggle to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. In the digital age, teams are fluid and agile. A team member may be asked to step into a formal PM role at any time.

Project Managers need skills across many dimensions in order to maintain project momentum, spur team engagement, manage change, overcome conflict, use judgment and decisiveness, and ultimately bring projects across the finish line on budget, on time and within scope.

Skillsoft’s Project Management Solution is directly aligned to the needs of project managers at all levels and offer unparalleled versatility for the project management journey… from beginning to mastery.

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„Propelling Project Managers in the Digital Age“

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Project Management in the Digital Age

In the digital age project management has solidified its position as a critical business competency. Skillsoft’s project management solution is unmatched in the marketplace. The solution features microlearning course content, opportunities for live learning, on-demand mentoring, hundreds of supplemental content resources, including full text and online books, audio books, and content supporting certification programs.

Comprehensive Training for All Teams and Stakeholders

To maximize the effectiveness of an organization’s project teams, project managers require a wide range of skills, knowledge and methods. Members of project teams also need to be knowledgeable about project management basics, such as what should be part of a project charter, the responsibilities of each person on a project and what needs to be discovered before project planning can begin.

Specialized project team roles such as the product manager require in depth training and certification from governing bodies, such as Project Management Institute or AXELOS®. Finally, a solid base of both hard and soft business skills – is necessary for project management professionals.

Review the video-based course „Agile Principles and Methodologies“

In this course, you’ll learn fundamental Agile concepts, including the eight Agile values and twelve Agile principles, the five phases of the Agile project management model, and be introduced to the most common Agile methodologies and frameworks.

Review the Snap Shot „Impactful Project Execution in the Digital Age“

Effective execution of strategic and tactical initiatives is essential to the success of business today. Projects, executed by mission-driven teams, represent the primary vehicle for putting the strategic agenda into action.